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How to analyze TCP trace

I know so many posts have addressed this topic. However, in my perspective, none of them really give us a quick look of tools. So, the goal of this post is to give everyone an overlook of whole analysis procedures.


  • Tcpdump - grab packets
  • Tcptrace - analyze TCP packets
  • - illustrate packet behaviors
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Jekyll Powered Blog on Github

Before I wrote this article, I asked myself why I choose to host my blog on Github. However, I cannot find a satisfying reason to convince everyone. There are so many choices there. For instance, and Blogger are two free good blogging platforms. If you prefer Markdown editing, Ghost and Logdown provide good solutions for editors. There is no sliver bullet by Jekyll powered Blog. So, who is the potential user of Jekyll powered Blog on Github?

First of all, you have some basic ideas of web programming and Markdown editing. Second, you only blog on some specific machines. Third and most importantly, you want to control every code on your blog. If you meet all of those, you should go through this article and give the Jekyll powered blog a try.

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Poor Man Profiler - knowing CPU usage

We usually face a situation that we don’t know which parts in the program use more CPU time. Therefore, there are so many application profiler out there. For instance, Oprofile is a famous profiler, which could be used to monitor the application. Poor Man Profiler, however, could further provide the benefit of tracking the complete stack and profiling all threads of to the same process.

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